Collected notes

Because blog posts are kind of transitory, I will attempt to keep a kind of running total of whatever wisdom(?) I have gathered in these subpages.

LaTeX environment

TeX installation The MacTeX distribution is probably the easiest to install (Mac OS X installation package). Other options exist, none are as easy, and I honestly don’t know on what basis you’d prefer a different one. However, I believe it can be installed with fink or macports, or the i-installer (now no longer being supported, …

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Linguistics in LaTeX

Here are collected various things I discovered about useful packages and things I find useful for operating as a Linguist with LaTeX. A more updated place to start might be the LaTeX presentation and a couple of my .sty files post. This has a short beamer presentation on things pertaining to doing Linguistics in LaTeX, …

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Paper collections

I have many gigabytes of PDF files, and it’s something of a challenge to collect and organize them in a way that is easy and useful. I’ve tried a number of things, although I’m still trying to work out what the best one is. Here are my results to date, however. What I actually use …

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