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Doing experiments

Well, that’s sad. I just typed up an entry here about software that can be used to do experiments, but somehow the contents of the post got eaten. I’ll type it again, though these kinds of things never turn out as well on the second attempt.

What I mainly wanted to point out is that PsyScope lives on, now ported to Mac OS X and with development continuing, under the name PsyScope X. It is Mac-only (like Psyscope was)

It is also worth mentioning that, for simpler experiments, WebExp might be a good choice. It is good for questionnaire-type experiments, and it is written in Java, meaning that it should work relatively well on Mac, Windows, and pretty much anything else. I didn’t succeed in my first attempt at getting it running on my Linux server, but my guess is that the problem can be solved.

Lastly, for doing sentence processing experiments, a good option for anything Unix-like (Linux, Mac OS X, and possibly cygwin on Windows) is Linger. It hasn’t been recently updated, but perhaps it already just works.