Monthly Archive: March 2011

Current state of LaTeX on the iPad

Susan Donovan posted a review of the current state of things in the quest to do LaTeX on the iPad: Using LaTeX on the iPad: The best and worst apps for writing mathematics.

I haven’t tried most of these, I haven’t gotten much beyond installing TexTouch and playing with it a little bit. However, most of the alternatives that Susan reviews are really only alternatives if what you want to do is typeset mathematical formulas for papers or emails, being LaTeX-powered equation editors. I’d find such a thing potentially useful if it allowed drawing trees in emails (which is what I sometimes use LaTeXiT on the Mac for), but that’s not going to happen without pretty much a full local installation of LaTeX (so I can include pstricks and pst-jtree).

The remote compilation that TexTouch does, particularly since you can set it up against your own installation on a desktop machine synced with Dropbox, still seems like a pretty optimal solution for using full-blown TeX. Even if Apple’s guidelines didn’t prohibit it, I’m not at all convinced that I actually want a full TeX install on my iPad proper. My desktop machine has much more disk space and computational prowess, and I’m rarely using the iPad in a situation where it isn’t connected to the net.