Monthly Archive: May 2010

TLU vs. TeXLive versions

Just like last year, when the preparations begin for the next version of TeXLive, it starts becoming difficult to use TeX Live Utility (a Mac GUI front end for tlmgr). Last year, this was a problem with the TLU app exclusively updating for 2009 before 2009 was released. This year, just now, there was a glitch (encountered upon updating tlmgr) that bumped my repository into thinking it is a 2010 repository. The signal was this:

tlmgr: package repository
The supported release as specified by the repository (2009)
does not match the release version of the installation (2010), bailing out.

This can at least for the moment (and if it crops up again) be solved by forcing the repository to report 2009. What the repository reports is given around line 50 of, which for me was found here.


Maybe this will be useful to someone else (or to me, later).