KeyJNote will be renamed

Update update: Actually, Accentuate is a fork of KeyJNote by J.R. Mauro, which includes a patch for using the Apple Remote, created during the period when KeyJNote was pulled off the internet. The official successor to KeyJNote is Impressive (announced in a recent post on Martin Fiedler’s blog).

Update: Thanks to James Stone’s comment on this post, the new incarnation of this software has been located. It is now Accentuate.

Perhaps it was predictable, but eventually KeyJNote caught Apple’s attention and earned the author a cease and desist letter. It will presumably continue under another name, but at the moment it is a bit hard to find if you don’t already have a copy.

You can still see the description that used be there via the Way Back Machine at archive.org. Most of the links still work, but not the download link. The files have been removed from sourceforge.

However, I did discover that it is part of MacPorts, and in fact if I’d noticed that before, I’d have just installed it with a quick “port install keyjnote” which probably would have saved me a lot of time. I doubt it will work anymore, however, since I’m pretty sure it relied on the existence of the now-defunct sourceforge downloads.

There are some RPMs for Linux distributions, if that happens to be useful. If you are daring and using Mac OS X, you could try installing rpm with MacPorts and then installing KeyJNote from one of the RPMs. I’m not that daring.


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  1. James Stone

    Accentuate is the new name:


  2. Paul Hagstrom

    Great, thanks for letting me know, I hadn’t noticed that. I look forward to playing around with it more, glad to know that it’s back online.

  3. Mister Twister

    any suggestion on how to build/compile keyJnote, accentuate, or impressive in OS X? I’ve been breaking my head trying to install all the dependencies only to find that it still spits out errors.

    I’m running Leopard 10.5.5 and have this working on my Ubuntu box, but want to use this on OS X.

    any help would be much appreciated. if you guys have any step-by-step instructions, these would go a long way online caz I can’t wait to popularize this product at school.

    cheers and thanks for keeping this project alive

  4. Paul Hagstrom

    I think maybe the best thing to do is to let MacPorts just handle the dependencies. The MacPorts page for for KeyJNote was here:


    And it looks like you should just be able to do:

    sudo port install py25-opengl py25-game xpdf ghostscript pdftk

    to get the prerequisites, and then run the python program directly. I actually just reinstalled my system, so I’ll try it out now and see if I run into trouble. I guess I’ll report back if it didn’t work, otherwise you can assume it did.

  5. Mister Twister

    thanks for the info. was a bit hessitant to try MacPorts given that on 1 website the author said “use if you are brave enough. I’m not brave enough”. so I figured, it was a bit of a risk. Don’t want to brick my iMac at the lab.

    I’d definitely appreciate an update though.

    Thanks for trying it out.


  6. Paul Hagstrom

    Just to follow up, I did in fact manage to get the macports route to work based on the previous comment I made. But, like my experience outlined in the main body of the post here, it did cause the entire gcc to be compiled, which took hours. In the end, it did work, however. I haven’t played with it really, though, beyond just compiling it.

  7. saç ekimi

    Don’t want to brick my iMac at the lab.

    I’d definitely appreciate an update though.

    Thanks for trying it out.

  8. Paul Hagstrom

    Hmm. Interesting that the wording was so similar on that most recent comment. Is “don’t want to brick my iMac at the lab” part of a spam campaign?

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