Someone on the Canon interface design team earns a D.

Why, pray tell, did anyone think this was a good idea?


I mean, I don’t have particularly fat fingers, but that “Stop” button is just a little bit too easy to hit, when I meant to hit “Start.” Why did it even need to be anywhere near the “Start” button?

Most Canon copiers have a very nice feature, for those of us who scan things, called “Job Build.” You get at it by hitting “Special Features,” and then selecting “Job Build.”

Photo_060908_002b.jpg Photo_060908_004b.jpg

Once you’ve done that, you can flop the book onto the glass, hit “Start,” flip the page, flop the book back down, hit “Start” again, etc., etc., etc. It will happily collect the pages together into one big document. You can get into a pretty good rhythm: flop, Start, scan, flip, flop, Start, scan, flip, …

Here I am after having scanned 42 pages.


The instruction on the top says “Change the original and press the Start key.” To scan my 43rd page, I would do exactly that.

What it doesn’t say is that if you hit “Stop” it will instantly throw away everything you’ve scanned so far and cheerily wait for you to start something new.